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I really wanted to show my progression of physic. But I felt as though many already do and it’s been done plenty of times over and over again and I was probably thinking of it too proudly if I thought I should show tumblr what I’ve achieved

The fact of the matter is I did it for me and I know I don’t want attention for being able to reach personal goals . I want it to remain personal because I don’t want to have never bettered myself for attention.

Socially it expected or rather acceptable to show people what you have been able to achieve because some how society feels its ok to respect and acknowledges your worth by what you are able achieve within your personal life goals and then when that fades away the attention you once had disappears and slowly but surely so does your self worth.

You listened to all those people praising but failed to remember and lost sight of what it took for you to attain your goal and now you want more praise and attention so you needs a new goal. But it’s not a goal from within yourself it’s a goal from people outside yourself and that is very unhealthy.

So that is why I’m not sharing my life or my goals with the world. Because they have already been shared with the person that created it and person who worked to achieve it. ME.

To me, nothing is more important than making people happy, giving them a release from their problems and worries, helping to lighten their load. I want them to walk away from a performance I’ve done, saying, “That was great. I want to go back again. I had a great time.” To me, that’s what it’s all about. That’s wonderful.” 

-Michael Jackson (Happy Birthday!! 08/29/58)

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Everyone has that one person in their life…Everyone in my life is that one person.

Everyone has that one person in their life…
Everyone in my life is that one person.